BARF / What is BARF?


for your pet


Biologically appropriate diet

In order to achieve optimal health every species on earth should be eating a biologically appropriate diet. That is why a cow eats grass, a wolf eats meat, and humans eat both meat and plant food.


Without preservatives

Without flavorings

No fragrances

No chemistry

Gluten free


Canine digestion differs from human digestion

Unlike humans, dogs have no digestive enzymes in their saliva. The entire digestive process takes place in their stomach.

Their digestive system is designed so that they can tear off chunks of raw meat, crunch up raw bones and swallow the lot whole. Their stomach acids are very strong, strong enough to burn your fingers. The lack of digestive enzymes in their saliva and their inability to move their jaws from side to side (necessary to grinding food) is why they gulp everything down.

Also, they do not have the essential tools to properly breakdown and digest plant matter like humans do. Dogs do not have the correct teeth, jaw structure, and saliva enzymes to start the digestion process in the mouth, so we must provide vegetables and fruits in a way which ensures optimal nutrition and absorption and not more than 10 % of the overall diet.

Give your dog a bone

In the wild up to a third of a dog’s nutrition (including calcium, magnesium, complex fats and vitamins) comes from bones. Bones keep their teeth and gums clean (it has been proven that dogs with healthy teeth live longer) and exercise their upper bodies and jaw. Raw, edible bones are safe and healthy for your dog.

Why raw?

When food is cooked, its chemical structure is altered and most of the amino acids, vitamins and minerals are destroyed. Thus, about 70% of the nutritional value is lost. Dogs need their food served raw in order to digest it properly.

Balance over time approach

In the wild a healthy dog may not eat for up to a week at a time. When they come across an ingredient that their bodies tell them they need in order to stay healthy (for instance a particular grass containing useful trace minerals) they simply eat it. Dogs get the nutrition they require over time. This is called the ‘balance over time’ approach. To achieve this balance it is best that you feed them different recipes, not just one..

Raw feeding gains popularity

Millions of dog lovers have switched their dogs to a natural, species-appropriate diet. Why? Because they have witnessed the benefits and health improvements in their pets with their own eyes. Try and see for yourself. Join the BARF movement and make a change!


Join the BARF movement and be part of the change!

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