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Biologically appropriate raw food for pets

What is BARF?

The common answer is: BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, and is about providing dogs and cats a diet consisting of raw, whole foods, similar to those eaten by their wild ancestors. It includes raw meat and bones, offal, fruits and vegetables and eliminates all processed foods and grains.

Our answer is: BARF is care and respect for the animals and their true nature by considering their specific nutritional needs, which differ from those of other species and ours; BARF is the natural answer to these needs by providing fresh, unprocessed and natural foods with the highest nutritional value, without artificial substances - just as Nature intended for them. BARF is LOVE for the animals we LOVE!


It is well known that if we eat fresh food, we will live longer, healthier lives.

We also know that if we eat processed food or food containing chemical additives, like colourings or artificial flavours, our health can be compromised.

Dogs and cats are no different than humans in this respect. Pets eating fresh food can be expected to live longer and suffer less illness and disease, compared to those eating processed food.

Unfortunately, we humans have lost touch with the natural, biologically appropriate diet for our pets. Instead, we feed them the canine equivalent of junk food.



This method of feeding provides all vital nutrients you pet needs to achieve optimal health.



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